Breaking the Bias;

Happy international women’s day!

I registered for some of the international women’s day festivities last week and seeing so many things already planned out was inspiring to say the least. That is how you know that the fight is fierce and we aren’t giving up.

As the title implies, this is an important question that deserves an answer. The international women’s day movement has been in high gear for a long time now, since 1911 when the first meeting was held and 1945 when it was officially launched and 8th of March, it’s conception date. It’s goal is to celebrate women breaking barriers, address disparities and create a platform for women to express themselves. While the progress is immense and measurable, there is is still a lot of work ahead.

Are we there yet?

I would assume not. there is still a lot of loud and obvious discrimination being against women. There are issues of equal pay, maternity grants and a high difference in the numbers of women in certain fields when compared to men.

In less developed parts of the world such as Africa, these issues are even more pronounced and misogyny is proud and loud. It does not see anything wrong in its chokehold of our society. It has a flurry of supporters, men and women alike.

So, no, the agenda isn’t anywhere near fulfilled.

Will i be alive to witness gender parity? Unlikely, but i will like to do my part and add a brick to the foundation of this cause.

Where do we go from here?

We continue to push through with our message. This year, the international women’s day theme is “Breaking the bias” and i am in awe of the resilience displayed by women, the untiring march, demanding that we need to be heard, that we want more, that we are not comfortable with being given the bare minimum and expected to be content and grateful.

The mentality that women want to be equated to men in terms of physical strength and personal gender roles is exasperating. It is a flawed and deeply uneducated take. Women celebrate the diversity but do not want to be labelled as being inferior in economical and political environments.

Women want the right to choose whatever they want to be. Career and personal wise. We have been deprived of that right for so long. Our future decided for us, a few comfortable roles called out for us to pick from. It is a heavy chain around the neck that restricts our rights to dare for more.

How can you be involved in breaking the bias?

  • Research women issues.
  • Listen when women express how they feel about certain disparities.
  • Share, share, share. Educate others on women issues.

Know other ways? Let me know in the comment section!

Celebrate the international women’s day by educating yourself on our roots, the struggles the ones before us went through to kick open doors for us, our struggle to keep the momentum and for the women to come… as we break the bias.



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